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The mountains that keep me sane... Between Caracas and the Caribbean lies the Central Coastal Range. For obvious reasons these are the mountains closest to home, so this is where most Caracas residents do their hiking.

Panoramic photo of the Avila with Caracas in the foreground, taken from El Volcán (near Oripoto).

(Thanks to John Källén for the photo!)

Some views from the top of Pico Naiguatá: first a picture of the Caracas valley as seen from 2765 m,

And Pico Oriental as seen from Pico Naiguatá:

As you can imagine, since this is the Coastal Range, you can see the Caribbean from the ridge. Here are some photos- one from the Anfiteatro (camping area close to Pico Naiguatá), taken in March 2000. You can see the damage caused by the landslides a few months earlier :-(

Another picture taken more recently from Picacho de Galipán, close to the villages of Galipán and not too far from the Humboldt Hotel.

A picture of my friend Andrew and myself on our way back from Naiguatá. It's not often that you'll find a Kiwi wearing a Boca Juniors shirt!

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Last updated November 2002