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Merida is one of Venezuela's Andean states, and contains the country's highest peaks. The capital of the state, also called Merida, lies between the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra de la Culata. As the name implies, the peaks with permanent snow cover are in the Sierra Nevada. Some of the higher peaks in the Sierra de la Culata will occasionally get some snow, but it usually melts away within days. The city of Merida is the staging base for climbs to peaks like Humboldt (which I climbed in April) and Bolivar (which I hope to climb next year). A less strenuous option is to take the cable car up to Pico Espejo.

Some pictures from the cable car trip:

Pico Bolivar, as seen from the cable car.

Another photo of Pico Bolivar, as seen from just outside the cable car station at Pico Espejo.

You might also want to check this photo of Pico Humboldt taken from Pico Espejo. Compare this to the pictures taken on Humboldt itself.

Here's a picture of the Sierra de la Culata taken from the cable car.

Recommended climbing season for most people is the dry season - usually November through April.

More pictures coming soon!

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Last updated December 2001